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 Error: Program Crashes when I try to "Run Simulation"

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PostSubject: Error: Program Crashes when I try to "Run Simulation"   Fri Sep 28, 2012 12:31 am

This is the Problem: You've started the On-Guard program, opened the example file, "RCF1.ogb," provided with the download and issued the "Run Simulation" command from the "Modelling" menu. The program 'thinks' for a few seconds and then crashes.

This is the Cause: When you first issue the "Run Simulation" command, the program immediately opens two new files (in this case, called "RCF1-001.csv" and "RCF1-001.ogl"), to which it writes the data logs for the upcoming simulation. These files are written in the same folder as the open model (ogb) file, which in this case is the "Examples" folder in the location where you installed the On-Guard software; by default, this is the "HoTSig Cellular Modelling Suite" folder inside your system's "Program Files." Now, generally, Windows does not allow 'ordinary' users write access to this system folder, so the program can't open its two log files and crashes.

This is the Solution: When you first open the example file, save a copy of it to a different location - one to which you have full access, such as your Desktop or "My Documents," or a new folder you have created. (Use the "Save As" command from the "File" menu.) Now you can run the simulation!

-- Adrian
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Error: Program Crashes when I try to "Run Simulation"
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